Waterline Renewal Technologies

St. Louis is Restoring Combined Sewer


Construction has begun in St. Louis on an impressive collaboration. The City is underway with an extensive repair and rehabilitation project.  It is a 9.2 million dollar underground infrastructure restoration plan.  The renovation of pipelines is taking place in the downtown district combined sewer.  This is an area with over 5,000 linear feet of aging pipeline built in the 1800’s. The Metropolitan Sewer District is heading up the funding and has also decided to focus most of the repairs on the Old Mill Creek section of the sewer, which is the most in need of relining.  All told, the project encompasses several tasks including the high and wide arch shaped sewer, 15 manholes and over 50 lateral connections.   Several hundred tons of reinforced steel will be utilized.  St. Louis residents, this is a work in progress and your patience is greatly appreciated.  The City has its best workers on the job, along with a well-designed strategy in place to have this undertaking completed by late 2017.




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