Waterline Renewal Technologies

Sewer Enhancement Plan for Reduction of Overflows


The Metropolitan Sewer District is implementing a long-term control plan (LTCP) to eliminate all sewer overflow disturbances during a 23-year period, as part of a consent agreement. The MSD is expediting project delivery throughout its service area by implementing a structured schedule and outlined design for several area infrastructure improvement projects.  The Lemay Watershed will undergo more than 70 projects during a 5 to 10 year period. The Lemay Service Area covers nearly 119 square miles in the City of St. Louis and a portion of St. Louis County west and south of the city. The program will encompass four watersheds within the Lemay Service Area, including Gravois Creek, Mackenzie Creek, Martigney Creek and University City. Some areas are served by combined sewers while others are served by separate sanitary and storm sewers. Wastewater treatment is provided at the Lemay Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The span of the project includes review and evaluation of sewer sizes, recommended alignments and lengths, including hydraulic analysis and design assumptions, as well as private inflow reduction (PIR), and preliminary studies for some projects. Wet weather storage facilities and pump stations will be constructed to handle peak flows during storm events. Storage facilities may be above or below ground and will be designed to blend in with the surrounding area. The storage facilities will be equipped with automatic controls for filling, emptying and flushing as well as remote operation.

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