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Missouri Neighborhoods Inspect Manholes and Sewer Lines


Peaceful Valley Lake is a residential Missouri neighborhood known for being a quiet getaway for tourists and an agreeable location to reside. Along with the calm nature of the town, the lake community is aiming to bring down ammonia levels discharged from the community’s lagoon. The completion for this task could take up to a year and a half. Property owners have been working to resolve lagoon discharge issues over the recent years. The city is currently reviewing potential strategies to fund the needed updates, as well as, working to map the lines and identify problems through smoke testing. The process for testing the sewer lines includes setting up a gas powered blower over manholes, blowing smoke into the branch (line) and determining whether there is smoke coming out of the ground. Nearly 100 manholes and 36,000 feet of sewer mains have been located. Additionally, volunteers will be doing some brush clearing in the next few weeks in an effort to find the remaining lines.

After rain events of two-plus-inches in area neighborhoods within the St. Louis region, manholes are being opened in order for flow observations. Given the size of the system, the work to uncover faulty areas of the pipeline is expected to take several weeks. This month workers cleaned out the sewer pipes removing roots and debris in preparation for sealing the older pipes with Cured-in-Place Pipeline. The main goal is to keep wet weather events from inundating the sewer system, causing overflows and sewage backups. Taking the necessary preventative measures in advance can curb the likelihood of flooding and damage to residences, including but not limited to, back up issues in a homeowner’s basement. The utility has been inspecting its sanitary sewer pipes with a camera and also checking lateral lines that run from the main to individual homes.

Coming soon: Perma-Liner Industries is busy making plans for you. We’re planning a “Trenchless Tour” on July 27th in the New England area. We’ll be posting more information on this spectacular event…stay tuned!