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Kirkwood’s Sewer Lateral Insurance Line-Up


The city of Kirkwood is participating in a Sewer Lateral Insurance Program to assist homeowners with the cost of repairs to residential sewer lateral service lines. Average costs of these repairs are typically $3,000 or more. The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District does not pay for sewer lateral repairs. If you experience a blockage of your lateral sewer service line, the first thing to do is have your sewer lateral cabled. Cabling a blocked lateral is a home maintenance expense, therefore, the cost of cabling is not reimbursable under this insurance program. A $400 deposit is required for the city to conduct a video inspection and cable the line if necessary. The City will authorize you to make arrangements with a City contractor to video inspect the line. The cost of the inspection, cabling, cleaning, and/or unclogging will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining deposit refunded to you.

Kirkwood’s program applies to residential property containing six or fewer dwelling units. All residential condominiums are also included under the Sewer Lateral Program. The cost of the program is funded through an annual fee of $28, which will be placed on the property owner’s County property tax bill.  In the event that accessory structures such as fences, sheds, garages, etc. are in the path of the lateral and lie over the damaged portion of the lateral, the City reserves the right to reroute the lateral, or to require any fences, landscaping or accessory structures to be moved at your expense.

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