Waterline Renewal Technologies

City Near St. Louis Gets New Sewer


The City of Columbia has an extensive sewer rehabilitation project in the development process.  The project will begin along Flat Branch, installing a new pipeline from Lakeshore drive to Elm Street.  The sewer renovations will include construction of 5,530 ft. of 30-42 in. diameter gravity sewer.  This will replace the smaller diameter lines.  Currently, it is estimated that the maximum capacity of the sewer pipe is 3,800 gallons per minute. Residents have sustained overflows due to heavy rain and the instability of the pipeline.  The city is working with engineers who are planning a start date for the project in December or possibly January of this year.  The strategy in planning a late in the year start date for renovations has to do with fewer people using the nature/fitness trail, as well as fewer community events schedules at Flat Branch Park.  Some pipes that have deteriorated are older than 100 years old, consisting of clay. Cracks in the pipes allow rain to enter the sanitary sewer system and cause overflows, a problem known as inflow and infiltration.  The expectation of the enhanced sewer is to accommodate additional development in the future. It is also a means to reduce the sewer utility’s maintenance costs over time.  There are several remaining phases that will be implemented after the completion of the first phase.  The second phase of the project will install a new sewer line near providence Road and Turner Avenue.  The estimated cost will be approximately $410,000.  The third and fourth phase will involve new sewer lines along Elm and 6th Streets, as well as sections along 4th and 5th Streets.


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